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Common Home Security Mistakes:


Many homeowners, afraid they will lose their keys and lock themselves out, choose to hide a key somewhere on the property. They think they are being sneaky by placing the key under a rock, under a doormat, in a potted plant, or above the door. Burglars absolutely know about all these commonly used hiding places. Under no circumstances should you leave the key to your house where it can be found. If you frequently lose your keys or lock yourself out of the house, consider getting a fingerprint or keypad door lock for your front door.

Broken Locks

Some homeowners neglect to fix broken locks right away, putting the job off for tomorrow (or whenever they feel like it). It is important, however, to make sure all your doors and windows have strong modern locks that are in good repair. Don't think that just because a window is on a second or third story that a burglar can't figure out a way to get to it.

Burglar Alarms That Aren't Turned on

A home security system is only useful when updated and activated. Test your alarm on a regular basis and check for any upgrades to the software. And don't forget to turn it on when you leave the house, even if you're just planning to run an errand. A single thief can utterly ransack your house in just a few minutes.

Untamed Landscaping

Though you may like the idea of privacy, ultimately your home will be more secure if neighbors can see into your front and back yard. Burglars love to hide behind bushes and shrubbery; don't give them that opportunity. Keep the foliage trimmed, especially around the house, and make sure all the outdoor lights are in good working order (even better, install motion or body heat-sensing outdoor lights).

Unlocked Storage Sheds

If you have a storage shed, make sure you keep it locked at all times, because otherwise you're offering thieves free use of all your tools which can certainly help them figure out a way into your home. Also, make sure you don't leave a ladder laying out in your yard anywhere. Someone could use this to gain access to the second-story windows.

Keys in the Car

It's bad enough if you leave your car unlocked (you shouldn't, even in the garage), but never leave a set of house keys in the car. If you do, a burglar who gains access to your car will also have access to your house.

Sourced from: Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook